Gee Gee Howard

GeeGee has been in education for more than a half century. She taught art in Columbus, Ohio, creative dramatics in Auckland, New Zealand, art history in Geneva, Switzerland, and education methods classes at Ohio State University and Kent State. Sharing the belief that travel is educational GeeGee, with her husband, Don and two children have traveled extensively. She obtained her BFA from Ohio Wesleyan and her Masters in Art Education was from Ohio State University. Curriculum and Instruction was the focus of her doctorate studies at Kent State. Due to time constraints, she had a choice: finish the dissertation for her doctorate or develop and open a charter school. Easy decision. After three years of planning, she opened ACPA in 2002. Her son recently asked, “Mom, when are you going to retire? You’re older than dirt”. Why not retire? Because she never knew education could be so rewarding and enjoyable. In all her 50+ years in education, ...everything pales to working at ACPA. As Taylor S. once said, "ACPA Rocks; ACPA is heaven."